5 Best Golf Exercises to Improve Your Gameplay

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A very common misconception associated with playing golf is that it is a sport that requires almost no exercise or prior experience to begin with. While this may true to some extent, as golf is not a high-intensity sport, to begin with, it does still require some sort of workout routine daily.

Golfing makes use of your arms the most, therefore making it pretty obvious that your arms will need to be in great condition to become better in your gameplay.

However, the worst part about this is that there isn’t too much golf exercise equipment in gyms. This makes everything ten times harder, as a result, discouraging a player from honing their physical endurance in the long term.

But thanks to many good Samaritans and countless videos found on YouTube, you can now learn the basic structure of various easy workouts and exercises that are best for golf.

To make it easier for you to comprehend, today in this article we are going to check out some of the easiest and best golf exercises that you can attempt, right from the comfort of your home.

Nobody said going to a gym is an absolute necessity, therefore we are going to prove just that here and help you get your golfing game up without too much hassle, that too all in your own time and pace.

Take a look at our mentioned exercises below if you want to improve your golfing techniques in this quarantine!



While most people associate this method of exercise with heavy-duty activities, very few people actually know how helpful push-ups are for golfers. Golf.com also has recommended it in its top five exercises for better golf play.

The thing with this form of exercise is that it directly targets your arms, and by that, it covers the entire lateral section. Alongside that, your shoulders, back, and chest will also be targeted, thus toning down the fat in those areas and increasing the bulk of muscles in the long run.

As a result, not only will you have better endurance when carrying heavy objects and items, but your overall arm strength will also increase by numbers. In short, your hits and shots with the clubs to the balls will be more powerful, higher, and definitely faster.


Split Squatting

Another great form of workout has to be the split squats. Unlike your traditional squats, the split squat is more effective due to its narrower stance which works to focus all your body weight and stability into one point.

As a result, your center focus will be much higher as your level of stability will increase too. The core area of target here will be your legs, therefore your lower body will be worked on as well. Doing this form of exercise for 3-6 months straight will make your calves and hamstrings stronger, more strengthened, and powerful. Your endurance will also increase drastically.


Hand Walking

While this may not be as easy to achieve as the previous forms of exercise, a little bit of practice and baby steps at first will soon get you going in full swing (pun intended).

The utility of this exercise is that your elbows will be targeted here, therefore strengthening their balance and stability so that your swing on the par is much more powerful.

Golfing requires sudden exertions of energy, which can be quite hard to muster without proper prior practice or training. This form of exercise will help you with just that.

To attempt this form of workout, start by standing straight on an exercise mat, and slowly lean forward with your back straight. Bend to the ground until your palms lie flat on the floor.

Afterward, slowly move your hands forward, and get into the position of a mountain climber. Keep moving back and forward from time to time while breathing in slowly. This will help tighten your core and also strengthen your elbows.


Glute Bridge

One of the most painful things about golfing all day long is that you will not be able to sit even once during the entire time you play. On top of that, exerting force from only one side of your body can cause strain in your legs.

This is why doing a glute bridge is so effective for golfers. According to GolfDigest, this is one of the best exercises to do regularly for better golf. Not only is this form of workout easy to do, but it is also highly effective, as your body will feel much relaxed and flexible afterward.

Get on your back and lie flat on the floor with your face up. Make sure to keep your feet and shoulders pressed against the floor while you raise your torso and hips to make a “bridge”. This will put pressure on your hips, and entangle the tight muscle pulls created during long hours of constant play.

For better results, we recommend you put a nicely folded towel or ball in between your knees when raising the bridge. This will increase the amount of pressure on your hips as you will have to balance yourself out to not drop the object to the ground.


Wall Sits

Similar to the Glute Bridge, a wall sit is also really effective in strengthening your core muscles and hips. All you need to do here is simply find a sturdy background, in this case, a wall is the best option, and lean against it.

Squat until you mimic sitting on a chair and hold that position for 30 seconds. Breathe in slowly and breathe out while doing so. You will want to do this in 4-5 repetitions as a beginner.

To increase the level of difficulty later, you can increase the number of reps while also holding a heavyweight or object in your hands while attempting the exercise.



Playing golf might not be a high-intensity sport, it still requires a lot of effort and training. Without proper exercise before playing the actual game, you might start to experience various kinds of physical issues which in turn will hinder your gameplay.

Attempt the exercise forms that we mentioned and experience only the best-golfing session afterward!


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