AVX 2022 Golf Ball Review

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Something seems off about your golf game and you cannot figure out what? Have you been practicing a lot and seeing no improvement? Your swings seem alright but you see no difference in the course? It’s probably because you are not using the right golf ball for your skill level. It may be because you have crossed the maximum capacity of the golf ball you are currently using. So, a change in golf ball could give you better results and then push you more to improve. I would say read this AVX Golf Ball Review and maybe that would change your mind.

With so many different golf balls available from different brands, finding the one that is right for you can be quite tough. You can begin your search with the popular brands and the reviews of the golf balls online. This AVX Golf Ball review may help you gain an understanding of how golf balls help you and if this one can help you. Titleist is quite a powerful name in the golf world. So, let’s see what this golf ball has in store for you.

AVX Golf Ball Review: The Features

AVX Golf Ball Reviews

The way the golf ball is built will tell you how it will perform on the course. Let’s find out how each of the parts of the golf ball contributes to the way it performs.

A Three-piece build

The AVX golf ball has a three-piece build. Golf balls usually range from 1 to 5-layer constructions. The golf balls with just one layer are cheaper while the five-layer golf balls are more complex and meant for better golfers.

As you can see, the AVX golf ball falls in the middle. So, it looks suitable for all levels of golfers, especially the mid handicappers. It creates a balance between the speed and spins it provides. So, you have both control and forgiveness from this golf ball.

A Low Compression Core

Low compression cores are particularly suitable for golfers with slower swing speeds. Apparently, these cores help the golf balls start their flight at a high speed. However, the ball does not fly very high. This contributes to giving the ball a good distance.

It travels more horizontally than it does vertically. Apart from that, this core gives the ball a really soft feel. You will really like the sound when you hit the sweet spot of this golf ball.

The Urethane Cover

Urethane is one of the best cover materials a golfer could ask for from a golf ball. Apparently, it is lightweight and soft which adds to the soft sound you get when you hit the golf ball right. Furthermore, the quality of the cover is great, and it makes the golf ball more durable.

A High Flex Casing Layer.

Between the core and the cover, there is a casing layer. Now, this casing layer does not contribute to the soft feel or the distance. Apparently, this one is responsible for controlling the spin of the golf ball.

The AVX golf ball is quite good at giving you the right spin at the right place. For example, the golf ball has a lower spin in the air. As the spin is lower, the sidespin is low too. So, the golf ball moves straight easily. It reacts less to your swing mistakes.

Apart from that, the spin is high when the golf ball reaches the ground. So, it gets a good roll on the green with nice stopping power and backspin.

The 352 Dimples.

This golf ball has a really good dimple design that helps it stay in the air for longer. As it can stay in the air for longer, it also traverses a greater distance. Now, this golf ball does not travel as far as it claims to and there were golfers who were disappointed after their high expectations. Yes, the performance is decent but there is just too much fuss around it.

But, the dimples do a good job of starting the flight low and reducing the drag faced by the golf ball.

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AVX Golf Ball review: Pros and Cons

AVX Golf Ball



  • The golf ball is from the renowned brand Titleist- you can totally trust its quality.
  • It has a three-piece build that balances everything out from spin to distance.
  • You get a good amount of control over the direction of the golf ball.
  • It has a low spin in the air which is very favorable if you want the golf ball to travel straight.
  • The high spin on the ground makes way for optimal short game performance.
  • The dimples on the body increase the flight time and improve the aerodynamics.
  • It has a really soft feel.
  • The core gives the golf ball a high initial speed and adds to the soft feel.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • You may be disappointed with the distance after all the fuss- it won’t magically increase the distance manifold.

AVX Golf Ball Review: Frequently Asked Questions


What is the compression of the AVX Golf ball?

Answer: The AVX golf ball has a compression of 80. This is neither too low nor too high.

Is Callaway soft softer than the AVX?

Answer: yes, you will probably find the Callaway soft to be softer than this AVX golf ball.

Are these golf balls standard low play numbers?

Answer: Yes, these are standard low play numbers.

Does it work for golfers whose swings are slowing down?

Answer: Yes, it does. In fact, it works better for them.

Final Words

The AVX Golf ball review gives you an overall idea of what this ball can do and cannot do. As you can imagine, this one will certainly increase at least a bit of your distance if not a lot. The spin performance is quite impressive. Moreover, the build quality is great and the cover will definitely help the ball last longer than you expect it to.

It starts with a low flight and with reduced drag goes a good distance. You will be able to have good control over it in the short game as well. Yes, it does seem expensive but if this is the performance you are looking for, you just have to pay for the brand name.

Thanks for reading this article, Hope you enjoy the review!

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