Maxfli Tour Golf Balls Review

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Are you new to the world of golf? Are the continuous expenses related to golf overwhelming you? Golf is an expensive game, there is no doubt about it. In this article, you are going to know about Maxfli Golf Balls Review which is one of the best golf balls for golf lovers. However, you can cut some of the expenses by using affordable golf balls. The Maxfli golf balls are not as famous as the golf balls from more well-known brands. In this case, what makes it suitable for you is the price the golf balls come at and the value you get from them.

Not all golf balls will fit into a golfer’s style. This is why you have to be sure before you make a purchase. So, is the spin, material, overall design of the Maxfli golf balls be suitable for you and your skill level? We will be reviewing the Maxfli Tour X golf ball in this Maxfli golf balls review. Let’s find out if this can help you improve your game or not.

Maxfli Golf Balls Review: The Features

Maxfli Golf Balls


What sets the Maxfli Tour X golf ball apart from others? Why should you even consider buying it? Let’s find out by knowing what its features can do for you.

1. A Four-Layer Construction.

The Maxfli Tour X golf ball is made of four layers. Each of the layers contributes to its performance differently and gives it the variety it needs. You will be able to balance the spin and speed of this golf ball in the air and on the ground thanks to the four-piece design.

It has a dual-core with a patent-pending center of gravity technology. Apparently, this technology helps the golf ball use its moment of inertia to gain optimal flight with reduced spin. It contributes to helping the golf ball travel a good distance in the air without facing a lot of drag.

2. A Large Soft Core.

The Tour X golf ball has a large softcore. You know how soft golf balls are popular these days because of the feel they provide when you hit them right. Apart from that, the core is large which means the golf ball has a large sweet spot.

If you are trying to improve your swing right now, the large sweet core will encourage you to practice more. Because it will make you feel like you are doing better. The golf ball is quite forgiving in the long game. It travels relatively straight and goes a good distance. No, it does not give a mind-blowing performance but you won’t be disappointed f you are a beginner.

3. A Urethane Cover.

Urethane covers are what golfers look for when they are looking for the best quality golf ball. This Tour X golf ball comes with a urethane cover that adds to the soft feel provided by the golf ball when you hit it right.

Apart from that, the cover is quite durable. It also contributes to the spin and distance of the golf ball.

4. The Spin of the golf ball.

You will usually receive two kinds of spin from a golf ball- low spin in the air, high spin on the ground. Now, in the case of spin, this golf ball won’t give you an above-average performance. But, it won’t disappoint you.

You will get a low enough spin for enough distance when the ball is in flight. Again, you will get a high enough spin on the ground so that the golf ball can stop with a backspin. So, it does provide you with a certain amount of control. It is a really good choice as a practice ball.

5. The Dimples on the ball.

The Tour X golf ball comes with an aerodynamic 318 dimple pattern. Dimples on the golf ball are crucial and they affect its time in the air. This golf ball with its 318 dimples reduces the drag faced in the air and increases the time passed in the air.

As a result, the golf ball can travel a good distance, which is not disappointing.

Maxfli Golf Balls Review: Pros and Cons


  • These are a set of budget-friendly golf balls.
  • The Four-Piece design is very clever and it balances out everything this golf ball does.
  • A Large core makes it very forgiving and encourages beginners to practice more.
  • It gives a very soft feel when the sweet spot is hit.
  • The Urethane cover proves the quality of this golf ball and adds to the softness.
  • The dimples increase the time spent in the air and thereby the distance traveled by the golf ball.
  • It has just the right spin- high spin on the ground, low spin in the air.
  • Provides excellent value for the price you pay.
  • The glossy white golf balls are of great quality.


  • You may not find these golf balls good enough for use in the tournament- they are good but not that good to improve your scores.
  • The brand isn’t very famous if you care about the brand name.


Maxfli Golf Balls Review: Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does the golf ball come with an alignment line?

Answer: Yes, the Maxfli golf ball comes with an alignment line and it makes putting easier.

2. What is the trajectory of the Tour X golf ball?

Answer: Tour X has a mid-high trajectory.

3. Is there a matte version available?

Answer: Yes, the Tour X also comes in a matte white version.

Final Words

Despite the name being Tour X, the Maxfli Golf Balls Review tells you that these are not golf balls golfers use during tournaments. It does a great job during practice sessions but it’s just not great enough for tournaments. The distance traveled and the short game high spin gives you a lot of power and control.

Also, the dimples are in the right place. It has a clever build with high-quality materials. But, most golfers buy from well-known brands and Maxfli is not that popular. You will find their golf balls offering a lot of value in the form of quality and performance. They are very budget-friendly as well.

Thanks for reading this article. Hope you will check the other content of this site.

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    Roy H Jones Jr at

    Your review is Horse manure !! I Have played all the popular tour balls from Bridgestone, Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway and Snell. The Maxfli Tour X is as good as any of them and its the best for the money of any ball I have played. My Handicap over the years has been 0 to 7 index, lowest in the last year of 5.1. Longer than a Pro V and spins more !!!!

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      Golfpie at

      Hello Jones Jr,

      Thanks for your honest review and experience. I just did mine 🙂

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